Heated Pipe for BMC G3 CPAP / APAP

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BMC LH1 Heated Pipe is suitable for any BMC model G3 Device.

This heated pipe fits directly to the internal power source of our BMC Resmart G3 A20 Auto CPAP machine.

A Heated Pipe supports the use of proper humidification with a CPAP machine even in a cold environment.

The heated pipe prevents ‘rainout’ from the humidifier due to condensation build-up.  A heated pipe also helps to keep the air at increased temperature after it leaves the humidifier. 

Use a heated pipe for more comfort!  Heated pipes helps to prevent excessive cooling of air between humidifier and CPAP mask.

It also prevents “rainout” droplets in the face as a result of condensation of water from the humid air produced by the humidifier.   Condensed water in the pipe may also lead to annoying gurgling sounds from the CPAP pipe.

Condensation following humidification and drop of air temperature in regular hoses can also negatively affect the quality of your therapy. As the humidified air cools, it prevent the full air pressure delivered by your CPAP machine from reaching your CPAP mask.


  • Tube length: 1.8 m
  • Minimum diameter: 19 mm


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